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Welcome to the second Marist Youth Festival 2010! This coming November 27 to 29 will be another chance for the Marist Youth to gather as one community towards a New land. With the theme, “Marist Youth: Living in Faith Rooted in Jesus Towards a New Land,” the youth gathering aims to celebrate the richness of our Marist identity and traditions, to deepen our faith and identity as followers of Jesus Christ, to share our dreams and aspirations in the spirit of solidarity with the poor and to ignite the spirit of service among the participants.

The Marist Youth Festival 2010 shares the dream and aspiration of young people throughout the world, in the same way that the Philippine Marist Youth can identify with other young people as they march towards the future with hope and commitment.

The said activity will be held at Notre Dame of Marbel University Integrated Basic Education Department Campus in Koronadal City this coming November 27 to 29. Simultaneous activities will be done; wall climbing, Adoration, Video K, Rosary Brigade, Sleep with the Lord, Run for the Lord, Eat with the Lord, Bible Sharing and many other activities.
The participating Schools are: Marist School Marikina, Notre Dame of Cotabato, Notre Dame of Marbel University, Notre Dame of Kidapawan College, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and Notre Dame of Jolo High School – Kasulutan. There are participants also who are coming from the Marist Brothers’ Non-School Ministires like Buda (Marilog District), Malutok Mission in Palawan and Marcellin Foundation Incorporated. The Aspirants, Postulants and Novices are also participating.


During the past years the Marist youth in the Philippines had been consistent in expressing their internationality by joining international gatherings particularly the Marist Asian Youth Summit, Asian Youth Day and the World Youth Day held in Australia. By sharing the dreams and aspirations of the young people throughout the world, the Philippine Marist youth can identify with other young people as they march towards the future with hope and commitment.

By coming together, it is hoped that lived faith of the Marist youth will flourish so that their commitment will be geared towards solidarity with the poor and thus inspire in them the spirit of generous service.

There is a need to celebrate together the richness of Marist identity in the spirit of unity, solidarity and camaraderie. Marist youth have much to offer if their talents and skills are harnessed properly and their coming together is one way to make them aware of their potentials for service to their fellow youth and all of humanity.

“Living the Faith Rooted in Jesus towards the New Land” is the theme chosen for this celebration. This is a way of reminding young people of their responsibility to grow in faith which is rooted in Jesus Christ. This is also a response to the challenges of the 21st Marist General Congress which encourages young people to assume new hearts towards a new land with Mary as guide and model.

As a concrete response to the theme, the participants are encouraged to express their commitment in relevant actions that will benefit the poor children and young people in the different communities where Marist presence is found.


This event is for all of us Young Marist. We are all encouraged to share ourselves to fully enjoy the event. Here are some helpful tips for a meaningful festival:

  • Be on time.
  • Participate actively in all activities.
  • Wear your ID through the event.
  • Take notes.
  • Take advantage of meeting new friends.
  • Take full accountability of your actions at all times.
  • Accept the placement arranged for you by the accommodation team.
  • Always coordinate with your delegation head for all announcements for the day.
  • Bring souvenir for your new found friends.
  • Have enough sleep.
  • Share your experiences and insights.

Some parts were taken from Marist Youth Festival 2010 Booklet.

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About Marist Brothers

A Catholic Religious Congregation of teaching Brothers who are inspired by the ways of Mary and Saint Marcellin in following Christ Jesus to the young specially the least favored.

4 Comments for this entry


November 29th, 2010 on 7:43 pm

i’ve really enjoyed the MYF..


kenny Myl

November 30th, 2010 on 5:17 pm

tnx. I super duper enjoyed it ! see u nxt Myf


sr. cynthia, smsm

December 7th, 2010 on 8:10 am

It was a wonderful and rich experience for all the MYF participants. Great to see several Brothers in full support: love, prayers and presence…Thanks Br. Willy for the special accommodation.


December 13th, 2010 on 3:22 pm

It is my first time in Koronadal aqnd Gen. Santos City. Marist Youth Festival was successful. I enjoyed together with the other Maristas and experienced the Family Spirit.

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