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Payatas Dumpsite Saturday ApostolateTHE LIFE WE LIVE

As bearers of the name of our Good Mother, we witness to the qualities of humility, simplicity, modesty, family spirit and attachment to and affection for Mary who is our inspiration and Ordinary Resource.

…we respond to the needs of people of our time…

We live in communities where we are given opportunities to grow and mature as persons and as disciples. These communities, where forgiveness is a habit and reconciliation is no stranger, witness to the truth that people can live in peace and harmony with one another.

We strive to live the mission of Jesus – revealing God’s love for all. Together with our Lay Mission Partners, we respond to the needs of people of our time, especially the young who are less privileged and disadvantaged.

We walk with them as brothers, with care and with practical concern, so that they too, may grow into fullness of life.

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